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Welcome to my official website! 

Here you can find my original contemporary art, online classes and workshops and fine art prints on demand. 

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Offline Events - london Workshops at cass art

Abstract Pattern Design

I will bring a series of 20 different abstract patterns, where I will mix and match simple geometric and organic elements to create more intricate compositions.I will give you tips on making pattern cards files, perfect to stack together and take out when needed.

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Create Your Imaginary Family Album

This event is focused on turning your sketchbook into a beautiful and weird family album. We will use found vintage images to create a colourful creative art journal, where past and present will meet together.

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Create An Abstract Collage

The event will be focused on creating an abstract collage using a layered technique, where I will use a step by step sample for you to get inspiration from.We will explore the use of different materials and how to create nice patterns that work well together.  

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New Paper Kits

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diy Creative ideas

Paper ephemera packs

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This is a classic collage kit filled with a balanced mix of new, repurposed and vintage paper cuts curated by me :)

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Online art classes

Unleash your creativity with my on demand online art classes, where I will guide you through the process to free colours and shapes on paper to create your own artwork.

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Art kit subscription

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Natural world, Landscapes, Portraits, Design or Food: each kit is filled with a specific topic. Which is your favourite one?

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Affordable art gifts

Cards & Stickers

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Postcards can be sold separately or in packs of 5 or 10 assorted designs. Stickers come in packs of 4 or 8 with different designs. This collection also have 25 different greeting cards (envelope included on each one).

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Limited Editions

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A curated collection of limited editions prints of some of my latest artworks, at a very affordable price. You can pick my A3 risograph prints or the double sided A4 poster prints (with a different print on each side!).

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wall collage kits

Vintage Set

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A curated selection of 10 different designs from my most loved artworks from my vintage altered portraits. Each pack contains 10 A4 posters.

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Black & White Set

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Enjoy my "spooky selection" of 10 selected A4 poster prints from my original drawings on vintage portraits. All the kits include the same designs.

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Fashion Set

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Fashionista selection for this poster set - these prints come from my project Selling Lies, where I altered by hand an entire fashion magazine.

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Fine Art Prints

Explore my fine art prints

I’d be scared of “making a mistake”, but not Naomi! Her portfolio has hundreds of these creative interventions. The fancy masks are my favorite {can you tell?!}… they add even more mystery to these already mysterious images.
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