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Recorded On Demand Art Class - From Fashion Ad To Protest



From Fashion Ad To Protest Art Class
What happens when we turn the purpose of a fashion advertising image into a more deep and meaningful message?
During the class we will explore the infinite possibilities in doodling over a magazine page using eye catchy decorations, but we will not stop at it. The idea is to give to the picture a new message and switching it into a fun, humorous, feminist or more personal protest message.
I will lead the workshop offering guidance and knowledge of my processes and techniques for manipulating images
Along with marker pens, I will show you how to decorate with unusual materials as tape and stickers, to experience a new way to “paint” with paper.
I encourage you to use what you already have at home, check the materials list below to have an idea of what you will need.

Materials list

  • Fashion magazine (feel free to use any magazine you like)
  • White paper (print paper of any kind, to test out colours combination)
  • Cutting board, I use this one (optional if you will use scissors. Alternative option, a strong cardboard to cut our paper)
  • Cutter or scissors
  • Washi tape, I use mt tape 
  • Acrylic pens as Posca pens. I will use the following tip sizes: PC 1M, PC 5M, PC 8K and PC 7M (you can use acrylic paint as an alternative, or the following brands: Molotow, Schneider or Edding)
  • Gel pens, I use Sakura pens 
  • Stickers 

How Does It Works

  • After you purchase the class you will receive an email with a link to download the video. 

See video of the magazine that I entirely altered HERE.

Video music background taken from the following websites:


Every time you use someone else art techniques for your personal growth remember to:

  • Give credit to the artist if you share it online (I am always happy to see what you do!)
  • Ask for permission to the artist if you are willing to share this technique to someone else for educational purposes (school teachers, you are welcome!)
  • DO NOT use the techniques learned on this class for your personal profits (it’s a no-no!)

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